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Community Outreach Programs

Healing Hearts Foundation wants to give adults and children in need access to helpful services. Because of this, we offer several community outreach programs to help the disadvantaged. Learn more about them below:

Job Assistance - Temporarily Suspended

Help our team as we work with those who need a job. We reach out to employers who are hiring and try to match their requirements with the skills of our clients. In particular, those with a criminal record often find it hard to find employment, but we work hard to place them in programs that will help them move forward.

Food Assistance

Food is perhaps the most basic human need, and it is a tragedy that so many people are unable to afford it. Through the use of a food truck, we are dedicated to helping those in need.

Dress for Success - Temporarily Suspended

The Clothing Assistance Program is a dress for success program. We gladly accept donations of garments to help those who are struggling. Moreover, we help clothe those who need clean business attire for job interviews. This service helps boost self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

We also provide haircuts for those that need them. Sometimes people judge you by your hair, so if you are dressed well, then you should have a nice haircut to complete your look. You want to look like you came to participate.

Toy Drives - Temporarily Suspended

Toys are extremely important when it comes to children's development and well-being, and we are privileged to be able to give toys to children who have none. Keep an eye out for our next toy drive. Our organization enjoys bringing joy into the lives of the smallest members of our community.

Gun Buyback Program (with Local Law Enforcement Agencies) - Temporarily Suspended

We believe firmly in the destruction of guns, which will lead to more peaceful streets. Through cooperation with the local police departments, we are working to make our community a safer place to live. Our gun buyback program will also help gun owners who want to put their troubled past behind them.

Housing Assistance - Temporarily Suspended

Healing Hearts Foundation is working hard to ensure that no one has to sleep outside. We believe that all people deserve adequate shelter. Your kind donations will help make this possible, as we help those in need find an apartment or house.

Education Assistance/Book & Film Program - Temporarily Suspended

When it comes to helping people get back on their feet, we must not neglect education. With this in mind, we assist our clients with learning more about the world by offering classes on book writing/publishing and on how to create films—both behind and in front of the camera. Our founder has experience in these fields, so he can offer first-hand guidance on these topics.

Exploring Art & Technology - Temporarily Suspended

By teaching children to paint and take photographs, we inspire them to be better. And through technological education, we hope to give them skills that will be useful later in life. We help lay the foundation for their future success!